Taiwan Trip March 2005

Photos taken by Jocelyn

Good friends from 30 years ago Good friend Theresa and I!
Checking out the night market in Taipei
The Jade and Flower Market Orchids galore at the flower market
Jade market
Breakfast place  
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Good Friend Theresa Teng

At a Taipei Night Market With Good Friends from Grade School
Good Friends Good Meal Good Times!!! Touring our Kuai-Shan Elementary School
In a Kuai-Shan classroom In a Kuai-Shan classroom
Kuai-Shan school yard Kuai-Shan Elementary School

 Scenes and views I saw while in Taiwan

Taipei 101

Taipei 101 - tallest building in the world

Kuai-Shan school yard Jieh-Sho Hall near our old home
Theresa and I in front of Jieh-Sho Hall Our first home at the hospital
The hospital back gate The site of the BIG FALL
Kuai-Shan Elementary School yard - the "Little Fake Hill" Tile mosaic mural on the way from Taipei to old home
a peek at the "Yuan Mountain" Grand Hotel The Presidential Palace
making breakfast
The Protest


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