“The Raven” Revised


There came a night when all was bleak,

I engrossed upon marking papers, all to my critique,

When there came a curious knock upon my chamber door,

But I took no notice, for I chose to ignore.

It was persistent, however, the rapping upon my chamber door,

My priorities were straight, my focus absolute;

The tapping upon my door was insignificant and nothing more.


My quill glided in the dim candlelight and cold;

My dark eyes stoic, withholding secrets untold;

None were heroic, oh, none at all;

Many were reckless, selfish, the few I dare recall.

For the anguish was too great, the grief infinite;

There was not a drought to sedate it, to ease the pain of the lost Lenore;

I would suffer, forevermore.


It was there, stark white, the one hope to my delight;

Its delicate petals blow in unknown winds, a soft sigh in the air;

In the moonlight it stood, the lily flower of Lenore,

The beauty of it was too intense for my dark eyes, mirror of the maiden Lenore,

Whom I would look upon, nevermore.


The knocking upon my chamber door awoke me from my daze,

Everything I saw was through a shroud of blinding haze;

I could not penetrate it, the mist succumbing all;

The thudding grew louder, my quill paused upon the parchment, enthralled.

In a trance I strode to the door, swinging wide; —

There laid a lily flower, at the foot of my chamber door;

Just this one thing, and nothing more.



.jpg Lily image by xoxdixie




Harry Potter (JKR) Character Severus Snape