Broken Love



The lightning shook the mountain outside;

I huddled in your arms, fear spreading wide;

“Don’t worry, dear, you’ll be all right,

There’s no need to get a fright;

I am here, and forever I stay,”

Your words soothe me, my fears allay;

Your reassuring smile, your dazzling countenance,

Cause my heart to flutter and dance;

I gaze into your cerulean blue eyes,

Never wanting to say my goodbyes,

To this wonderful being, so perfect and bold;

You are more precious to me than gold.


But now, the time flees,

I wish it could freeze;

My time with you has fallen away;

The flowers droop of your bouquet:

You have broken free, and so has the time;

Why? It was done in clandestine,

The treachery and secrets, tearing at my heart;

Our moments were sweet, but this is tart;

I fall into a mist of gloom,

You have left me, love, before I could bloom.


Alas, now I weep;

But your locket I still keep.

It is my only haven

For those memories afar: you are forgiven.


The fierce winds howl, biting;

I try to keep fighting,

But you have left me: my life and my blood;

I want to die now, maybe in a flood

Of tears of sorrow, grief and despair,

I am beyond repair


Without you;

My love, adieu.